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Every dog is different, each with its own unique personality, and each behavioral issue is different in every dog. Behavioral problems develop for various or specific reasons. In some cases it may be a combination of events, related or unrelated, which lead to a certain behavior, while in other cases it may be a single event. Understanding your dogs unique personality and finding the root cause of the unwanted behavior, is the key to positive treatment and results, and that is where I come in.

To determine the cause of your dogs behavior problem I will first set up an initial consultation, where I will put your dog on the couch so to speak. I will take a complete history of your dog as far as age, health, history (rescue, shelter, abuse, etc) its current lifestyle and all other pertinent information you can give me. After the history is taken, we will go into the details of the problem behavior; onset, length of time, progression, severity – plus any and all other details and concerns you can share with me. I will be observing him while we take the history and details and then I will work with him to see where I can get initially with the first visit.

After the initial consultation I will put together my findings and develop a positive-only treatment plan to help correct the behavior. After the evaluation and first treatment will be followup visits only as needed, meanwhile it will be your job to continue the treatment plan set up without missing a beat. The ONLY way treatment plan will work is if it is given consistently and repeatedly until the desired results are achieved. That will be your job at home.

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